Make some fun memories at home with your family.

As we all learn to navigate our new normal in the wake of the pandemic, spending time at home has taken on new meaning.

Suddenly, we’re around our families all the time, an adjustment for most households that can take some getting used to. Yet, while the constant contact can stir cabin fever at times, it can also be a chance to make some incredible memories.

While you’re all together, why not use this time to try something new? Today, we’re sharing 10 fun things to do with your family that can turn these weeks into some of the most special ones of your lives.

1. Hold a virtual dance party.

By now, you’ve likely FaceTimed your loved ones so much that your kids can do it themselves. Want to take it up a notch? Using a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Skype, invite a bunch of your friends and family members to join you in a virtual dance party!

Blast your favorite songs and let loose in your home kitchens, united by your love for music and one another.

2. Get creative with sidewalk chalk.

Around the country, neighborhoods are participating in chalk walks to spread joy and positivity from afar.

The premise is simple: Residents can write an uplifting message or draw an inspiring picture on their sidewalk and others can drive or walk by to view them at a distance. Take the little ones outside, give them a bucket of pastels, and let them have at it.

3. Draw your favorite characters.

Do you have little ones in the house who adore Mo Willems? The beloved children’s book author and illustrator has won critical acclaim for his “Elephant and Piggie” series, centered on two unlikely best pals.

Through a partnership with The Kennedy Center, Willems has been posting a daily Lunch Doodle class at 1 p.m. Get doodling and even post your pictures online, tagging Mo at #molunchdoodles.

4. Train your dog.

You always said you wanted to, and now’s your chance! If your pup has been acting a little unruly, or if you decided to adopt or foster one while you quarantine, you can use this time to teach him a few manners.

If there’s a specific issue you need help with (e.g. gnawing on your slippers), you can hop online and watch educational YouTube videos to learn how to reverse the behavior. This list of six free online dog training videos is a great place to start.

5. Organize your photos.

How many of us have smartphones loaded with pictures, as well as shoeboxes and envelopes filled with the same? It might feel like a daunting task, but you can organize them all while you’re at home.

If you prefer to flip through your photos and videos digitally, consider adding them to Google Photos, where you can sort them into albums and enjoy free unlimited storage. If you want the printed versions, you can’t beat Shutterfly’s service. Get the whole family involved by reminiscing on your favorite memories together as you work.

6. Build a Rube Goldberg Machine.

Sure, you can bring out the big container of Lego, dump them all out and let your brood go to town. This is a great way to engage their minds and foster their hand-eye coordination.

However, that might not be quite as exciting for your bigger kids. To get everyone involved, use those blocks, along with any other materials you have on hand to create a Rube Goldberg Machine! Try to create a complex setup designed to perform a super-simple task, following these steps.

7. Hold family board game night.

You don’t have to worry about playing the short versions now! You’ve got time on your hands, so use it to dominate your kids in an epic game of Monopoly, however long it might take.

Clear the kitchen table, get out some snacks, and set up the pieces. It’s nice to have a break from the screen every now and again, and this is a great way to introduce your crew to some of your classic favorite board games!

8. Take in a couch concert.

From Queen Latifah to the performers of the Metropolitan Opera, musical greats across a variety of genres are live-streaming their private performances online for the world to see.

Gather everyone around the computer, pop some popcorn, and take in a virtual concert from the comfort of your couch. You can catch numerous performances via The Kennedy Center’s Digital Stage YouTube channel. If opera is more your jam, click here to learn how to access the nightly streams.

9. Create a fun family narrative.

Looking for a fun way to inject a literature lesson into the day? Create a collaborative family narrative. Here’s how it works: One person will begin a story, writing down a few lines. Then, they’ll pass the paper to someone else, who will add a few more lines to the tale.

If your kids are too young to write their lines themselves, you can always transcribe for them.

10. Compete in at-home “Chopped.”

The grocery store shelves might not look quite the same as they used to, but rather than lamenting what you can’t find, celebrate what you can!

Host a family cooking night in the theme of the hit Food Network show “Chopped.” Choose a few seemingly random ingredients and brainstorm what you can come up with to create together. The result might be an unexpected success!

Explore these fun things to do with your family.

For a little while, your everyday routine might be turned on its head. Yet, while this season might be a bit uncertain, it doesn’t have to be unenjoyable.

When you shift your perspective, you can see the positive side of spending all this time at home. Take it one day at a time, relax your expectations, and lean into this unprecedented period together.

Along the way, if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to contact our office.