Holiday Fun for the Entire Family in Hutchinson, KS

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and for many, it’s one of the best times of the year. Not only do the holidays bring family and friends closer, but with kids home from school for winter break and busy adults taking advantage of vacation days, there’s really a strong feeling of togetherness.

Unfortunately, the holidays can also be a very busy time of the year, and it’s all too easy to feel like you might be missing out on creating memorable holiday experiences with your loved ones.

To combat that fear of missing out, we’ve put together 8 top tips for making the most of local Hutchinson holiday activities.

1. Take care of health checkups before the holidays.

It might not be considered exciting, but going in to see your doctor and dentist before the holidays is a great idea, especially if you’re already due for a checkup. Dealing with a toothache over the holidays isn’t on anyone’s bucket list. Come on in, have your smile evaluated, and prevent any small issues from becoming big issues, so you don’t miss out on any of the holiday fun.

2. Pick a new family tradition to start this year.

Creating a new family tradition is a wonderful way of making new memories and bringing your family and/or friends closer together during the holiday season. Some really fun ideas include Christmas cookie exchanges, Secret Santas, participating in Angel Tree (or something similar), spending a day volunteering at an animal shelter, and more.

Get together and write down everyone’s ideas for a new tradition before taking a vote. If you’re having a hard time thinking of new traditions, hop on Google, and you’ll find hundreds of different ideas to consider.

3. Go back in time by reviving old traditions.

Another wonderful idea similar to the one above is to go back in time by reviving an old tradition of your family, perhaps when you were a child or even before your time. Speak with elders in your family and ask them about the traditions they may have had when they were children. Some classic ideas include cutting your own tree at a Christmas tree farm, making gingerbread houses, going caroling with a group, advent calendars, etc.

4. Get together with loved ones for a holiday bake-off.

Many people will be doing more baking during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. While some baked goods are fairly involved, like cakes and pies, there are plenty of other smaller treats that you can easily bake and share. A great way to combine baking with being with your loved ones is to host a holiday bake-off.

Get together and bake whatever recipes capture your interest. Once everyone is done, swap and share the cookies, candies, and other baked sweet treats, so you end up with a variety. Be sure to look for tooth-friendly options, such as sugar-free xylitol recipes. The best way to find recipes is to search the web for sugar-free versions of what you’re craving. To start off, here is a very tasty yet simple almond cookie recipe that uses xylitol as the sweetener.

5. Explore local holiday attractions around Hutchinson.

There’s a lot going on locally in Hutchinson that you might not know about, including some newer attractions. The annual Downtown Christmas Parade is always a big hit, as well as the Christmas in the Foothills craft festival. Some other unique events include the 6th Annual Ugly Sweater and Christmas Light Run hosted by Bikes & More.

A really fun option for the kids would be Nights Before Christmas, a weekend event at the Hutchinson Zoo featuring beautiful decorations, lighting, and visits with Santa. Having fun at local holiday events doesn’t need to break the bank, either. Look around and you can find very inexpensive or even free events, such as Gingerbread House Decorating at the Memorial Hall.

6. See favorite Christmas classics on the big screen.

Going to see a Christmas classic at a theater is a real treat and one that is sure to please adults and kids alike. Check out local theaters in Hutchinson and see what movies will be playing. The Hutchinson Fox Theatre even plays a family-friendly Christmas movie on Christmas night for locals to enjoy.

You’ll find even more options in Wichita theaters, so be sure to do a little research. If live performances are more your thing, Wichita has plenty going on, including A Magical Cirque Christmas at the Convention Center.

7. Bundle up and head out on a Christmas lights tour.

Christmas lights tours are already an annual tradition for some, but if you haven’t gone on one then consider making this year the one to do it! Christmas lights tours are often done in groups, and can consist of viewing local houses, visiting event centers, and marveling at grandiose Christmas tree lightings.

In Hutchinson, you can participate in the All Lit Up Christmas Light Tour or visit the Botanical Gardens to see the light show. You’ll have more options in Wichita, such as the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, the Bradley Fair Christmas Tree Lighting, a Country Christmas lighting ceremony, and much more.

8. Get your family active by taking them ice skating.

Ice skating is a ton of fun, not to mention a great way to get off the couch and stay active during the holiday season. You can find local designated ice skating areas or visit an actual ice skating rink, depending on what you prefer. For indoor ice skating, you can check out the Wichita Ice Center, which offers public skating on designated days.

Whether it’s checking out local Hutchinson holiday festivals or simply spending more time at home with loved ones, planning your holiday activities ahead of time will help ensure you make the most of this holiday season. For more information on local Hutchinson holiday events and events in neighboring cities, visit the Holidays in Kansas webpage and search by city.